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Frequently Asked Questions

What fees will I pay to have my scrap refined?
Our fees are based upon the quantity and type of scrap submitted. Please call the refinery at 800-645-2794 for a price quote. We do not charge assay fees, treatment charges etc.
Is there a minimum amount of scrap that you will accept?
No, we have no minimums. Please contact us to find out those minimums.
Why should I sell my gold, silver, platinum or palladium to Doral?
Our combination of state of the art processing and assaying equipment, high payouts and personal service is unmatched in the refining industry. Also, we suggest that every consumer research a company with the Better Business Bureau. Go to the home state of the company and check to see the quanity and type of complaints. Doral Refining Corp is a member the BBB of New York/Long Island.
How long does the process take?
Payment is typically sent within 48 hours of receipt of your scrap in the refinery. Industrial scrap such as sweeps, polishings, vacuum bags etc may take about 4-6 weeks to refine.
Can I witness the processing of my scrap?
Yes, you may schedule an appointment at our refinery in Freeport NY. Contact us to schedule your appointment.
Can you tell me the value of my jewelry over the phone?
We can provide an estimate based upon the description you provide. However, we must analyze the metal to be certain of the payout.
If I mail scrap to Doral, how will I know its value?
If you provide a daytime phone number along with a request to be contacted prior to processing, our refining manager will call you with an estimate.
Is Doral licensed to handle dental scrap?
Doral is licensed and regularly inspected by the Environmental Protection Agency (NYD000230854), the Nassau County Department of Health and OSHA.
Does Doral accept contact and non-contact amalgam?
Yes. We buy dry dental amalgam both contact and non-contact. We do not accept amalgam capsules or traps.
Does Doral take the lead foil from x-ray film?
Yes. Though it has no value we will accept lead foil and recycle it as a courtesy.
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