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This brief sample is typical of the enthusiastic comments DORAL constantly receives from satisfied clients. Distinguished publications such as Newsday and Modern Dentalab have also singled out DORAL for the quality of our Performance.

I have used Doral for over 20 years. They have passed every test of integrity, support, honesty, and efficiency. They have not only treated me well, they have extended grace, fairness, and courtesy to the many new customers I have sent them, regardless of their experience or sophistication in scrap refining practices.

William Pellegrini, Master Jeweler | Plainview, NY

I am in receipt of my first gold coin... The feeling is great!

F.A.E., DDS | Irving, Texas

I enjoy doing business with you in processing my scrap gold.

A.K.K.S., DDS | Pearl City, Hawaii

I would like to compliment your company on the very fine professional salesman.

D.E.N., DDS | Gregory, South Dakota

Thank you for the detailed assay and check.

W.R.H. | Maplewood, New Jersey
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